The Monopoly and It's Impact on Life


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- This book featured a very large amount of information about Microsfot and it's past which was helpful when wanting to know the whole picture of the company and finding out what they did to get where they are today. This book should be considered valid as it was written not that long ago and features information taken in most places directly from its sources.

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- This site should be looked at because it provided a large amount of information relating to the Microsfot Antitrust issues while also looking at various other aspects of the story including past monopolies and what jappened with them. This site can be considered valid as it is from a well known site recommened to me by my teachers as well as having relevant content and detailed information that is backed up.

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- This site should be looked at as it includes a pretty large history of monopolies, and compares them to the current Microsoft trial to show his opinions about antitrust laws and monopolies in general. This site should be considered valid as it comes from a respectable online magazine that has been around for awhile, and would not post something that was not relevant. The article was also very in depth and detailed.

Henry J. Aaron, Monopoly and competition. , World Book Encyclopedia (2002), 01-01-2002.

- This book gave me a large picture as to what a monopoly really is, with an in-depth definition of it and examples of the different kinds of monopolies there are. It should be considered valid as it comes from a well known source and from the detailed information proves that it can be respected.

Kastre, Michael. The Demise of AT&T. Dec. 2000. 31 Jan. 2002 <>.

- This sire provided a large amount of background information about the history of AT&T and how it got to where it is today. It also provided some information about the steps the government takes when breaking up a company like they did with AT&T. This site should be considered valid as it gives cotent that is factual and historical, giving a better picture as to what AT&T was like during its past years.

The Ram's Horn. 31 Jan. 2002 <http://www.history.ohio's_Horn/Stop_Thief_anti monopoly_4 18 96.jpg>.

- This page provided a very useful picture that I used on my site in order to demonstrate what many people think monopolies are doing with our world. This should be considered valid as it was produced for a newspaper published in the 1800's that concerned economics and it's issues during that time.

Ries, Al, and Jack Trout. Marketing Warfare. New York, NY: Plume Printing, 1986.

- This book was written as a manual on how to get into marketing your business, and how you should go about entering the business world if that is what you are planning on doing. It gave a lot of information about various business subjects. This book should be considered valid as it was published as a marketing handbook, and so would need to include relevant information. It also was given a good review by Newsweek.

Teacher's guide. Vol. 99. Blank, 1999. TE1.

- This guide should be looked at as it was developed for teachers and so it includes a large amount of detailed information about monopolies that would be needed to teach kids about them. This should be considered valid as it was written with teaching in mind, so the information would thus most likely need to be correct.


Last Updated January 31, 2002